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If you live in Australia and would like to receive further information, please email:
If you live outside Australia, please go to for further details.


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To join the Australian email list, click here - be informed about live events with Prem Rawat and news of activities promoting Prem Rawat's message of peace in Australia.
To join the Global email go to - be informed about global events, news and updates.

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Visit Words of Peace Global to explore Prem Rawat's message of peace:

Latest News

Prem Rawat has accepted invitations from Australia and Malaysia to speak at the following events in September:

Saturday, 13 & Sunday 14 September 2014: Amaroo 

Sunday, September 21 2014: Melbourne Event 

Check WOPG website for further information & updates about these events.

21st September 2014

Click here for information on the biggest peace celebration in the world on Peace Day, 21st September 2014!

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See the Words of Peace Series on TV around Australia - see schedule for times.

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